About FEED

Established in October 2018 FEED Network is a Buffalo based non profit organization committed to tackling the huge issue of edible wasted food. We want to make sure that through our events everyone has access to perfectly good food, that would other wise go to waste. Inspired by the work of The Real Junk Food Project in the UK we believe that working with other organizations is the key to longterm success as well as looking at ways we can inspire & educate the next generation to tackle this global issue.

Globally around 1.3 billion tons of food goes to waste every year at a cost of around $750 billion ($1.6 trillion in retail value). In the U.S around 35 million tons are wasted , including 40%-50% of the food produced within the country. To start with, this is the food we hope to stop from being wasted.

We also operate a PAYF (Pay As You Feel) system. Patrons & Donors can donate time, money or skills. Everybody has something to give, even if they don't believe so.