Getting Involved couldn't Be easier



We do require all volunteers to be 18 or over or accompanied by someone who is. Thats it!

How can I help?

At the moment our organization is 100% Volunteer  Lead & Run so there is plenty to get involved  in. 

We potentially  need help with pickups & drop offs before & after events.

Before , during & after events we need help with:

Preparation  & cooking of Food.

Setting up the venue . Mainly making sure the tables are set up.

Helping in the kitchen during service. This includes washing dishes.

Help looking after customers & taking orders.

Talking to customers about the menu & educating them about where the food comes from.

Helping  & supporting other volunteers. We're a TEAM!

Ps. We always sit down after each event and eat together. Please make sure you join us. 

Contact us:

If you wish to find out more or get involved you can just turn up or please email us at: (this option helps us plan better)